We are AGMI. A team building projects for the web3 landscape.

It’s 2022, web3 is taking off, and we’re all gonna make it. 🎉

AGMI is a web3 start-up backed by First Round Capital. We’re a team of talented tech folks with experience from Facebook, Google and beyond. Fully remote, operating globally, across Singapore, US, and Canada.

Our Team

Gilbert Leung


Britney Scarbrough

Product Designer

Roman Pavlovskyi

Software Engineer

Matthew Alexander

Software Engineer


A networking platform for web3 members and communities that connects users based on things they have in common. Users sign up with their wallet and discord accounts, this generates a web3 profile. Each week users are paired with other 0xFrens members. Partnered communities can opt to pair their community members specifically with each other.

After meeting, users are prompted to give feedback on their meeting, and the option to stay connected. This helps peoplle in web3 keep track of the connections they’ve made, and slowly build a list of contacts to be used in the future. This is just the beginning, and 0xFrens is actively growing! Join us by signing up for 0xFrens, and keep track of what we’re up to by following us on twitter.

Lead Investor

First Round Capital

First Round is a venture capital firm that specializes in providing seed-stage funding to technology companies.


Business inquiries, project feedback, ideas, careers, something else? Contact us! You can reach our team through discord, twitter, or email.